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Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Rift Uprising by Amy S. Foster

This book features a butt kicking female protagonist.   Ryn is seventeen and a Citadel team leader.  Citadels are enhanced humans who protect society from a trans-dimensional invasion.

Rifts are breaks in reality allowing entry into this earth.  The multi-dimension theory is that there are infinite earths that may have developed in different ways from the current earth.  Citadels are enhanced teenagers who are tasked to guard the Rifts and prevent any cross over beings from running lose in our earth.

Ryn discovers that ARC, the controlling entity of Rift guardianship, may not be truly forthcoming with what is actually happening.   The enhancement process appears to have some seriously negative side effects.

Ryn, her team and a Rift traveler are faced with the daunting task of discovering the truth about the Rifts and the Citadels.

I enjoyed the book.

Web: http://amysfoster.com/the_rift_trilogy 

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